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Message from President

What is the comfort ? Security, Safety and Cleanliness, these are important elements.

We have been offering wide range of services such as building management and cleaning, waste management and sewer maintenance in order to bring comfort to the whole society. I feel very proud that we keep being of help for everyone through our business.

There is an important element to feel the comfort besides Security, Safety and Cleanliness. It is the human relations. The connection of the mind of person to person is the closest to the comfort. Therefore It will be more important that we develop our business in focus on human relations. We always value our customers and deal with our customers empathically. We would like to keep developing our business with valuing our empathetic mind.
Based on that idea, we would like to develop "Comfort delivery" to home even further. With our knowledge and experience of building management, and our policy of focusing on human relations, we are quite confident that we can provide the comfort that everyone in the home will be satisfied with. Moreover, we would aggressively like to develop new business by utilizing new technology.
“Deliver the advanced comfort by understanding what the comfort is” Our foundation has been condensed into this word. In order to keep and create comfortable environment, we would like to continue to deliver the comfort to the society.

Mikiya Mochihara, President

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