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Corporate Profile

Company Name
Homex Co., Ltd.
Mikiya Mochihara
Head Office Address
3-30 Matsugae-Cho, Toyota-City, Aichi-Prefecture, Japan
Head Office Contact Information
Departmental Phone Numbers
Main Number:0565-33-2468
Sales Department:0565-33-2478
Building Maintenance Department
Comprehensive management group:0565-33-2478
Security services / Labor dispatch group:0565-33-2467
Building cleaning group:0565-33-2439
Environmental Business Department
Sewer maintenance group:0565-33-2437
Waste management group:0565-33-2435
30million yen
December 1st, 1970
Company registration
February 21st, 1975
Fiscal term start
October 1st
Number of Employees
1,460 persons (as of October, 2020)
Branch office
Okazaki / Nagoya East / Tokyo / Nagoya / Miyoshi / Seto / Nisshin / Togo / Yanami recycling center/ Toyota-east branch / Nishio
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Primary Business Partners

Public Offices

Aichi Prefecture, Toyota City, Okazaki City, Seto City, Nagakute Town, Nisshin City, Nagoya City

Private Companies

UMEMURA Educational Institutions Chukyo University
Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota Consumer Cooperative
IKEA Japan K. K.
Aeon Delight Co.,Ltd.

Primary Banks
SMBC Bank, Toyota Shinkin Bank, MUFG Bank, The Chukyo Bank, Ltd., The Aichi Bank, Ltd., Nagoya Bank, Ltd., Juroku Bank, Ltd., Mizuho Bank
Affiliated Organizations
Japan Building Maintenance Association
Aichi Building Maintenance Association
Aichi Building Maintenance Cooperative Association
Aichi Security Service Assocition
Aichi Cleaning Service Business Association
Aichi Industrial Waste Association
Japan Facility Management Promotion Association
Japan Sewer Collection System Management Association

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