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Vehicles and Equipments Working in Every Scene

Waste Collection and Transportation Trucks

We collect and transport various kind of waste to treatment plants safely and smoothly.

4t Dump Truck

4t Loading Container Dump Truck

Dump Truck with Crane

Waste Compactor Truck

Waste Compactor Truck for Industiral Waste

Nagoya City Waste Compactor Truck(For food recycling)

Truck for Medical Waste Collection

Construction and Work Vehicles

Vehicles for Cleaning, Vacuuming, Repair, Inspection etc.
We conduct our works safely and smoothly with those vehicles.

4t High Pressure Washing Truck

13t Super Powerful Vacuum Truck

4t Vacuum Truck

Truck Equipped with Sewer Inspection Camera

Truck for Sewer Rehabilitation with FRP Method

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