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Corporate History

December 1st, 1970
HOEI SHOJI was founded as general waste disposer at 1-40 Hoei Cho in Toyota City
February 21st, 1975
HOEI Cleaner Corporation was established
May 15th, 1978
The head office was moved to 1-95 Nishiki Cho in Toyota Ciry
Year 1983
Industiral waste disposal business and Security services business started
March 12th, 1984
The company was re-organized to HOEI Cleaner Co., Ltd. (Capital was increased to 10 million JPY)
Year 1986
General labor dispatch service business started
Year 1988
Pipe cleaning business and Dredging operation business started
Year 1989
Sales and replacement of activated carbon started
Year 1990
Medical waste disposal business stared
Year 1992
Number of employees reached 120
Year 1993
Toshikankyo Service Corporation was established in order to meet increasing demand
March 2nd, 1993
Okazaki Branch open
Year 1994
Sewer pipe inspection with camera started
October 1st, 1995
The company name was renamed to HOMEX CO., LTD.
Year 1996
Sewer maintenance business and Hotel operation business started
September 25th, 1997
Capital was increased to 30 million JPY
Year 1997
Number of employees reached 300
November 3rd, 1998
Nagakute branch open
January 6th, 1999
Tokyo branch open
Year 1999
Number of employees reached 400
December 31st, 1999
Nagoya branch open
February 21st, 2000
25th anniversary of incorporation
July 1st, 2000
Yanami recycling center begins operations
August 1st, 2000
Miyoshi branch open
July 2001
Joined PCG association, Pipe rehabilitation business started
September 1st, 2001
Gifu branch open
January 11th, 2002
Waste management business acquires Environmental Management System (ISO14001) certification
January 11th, 2003
Headquarters acquires Environmental Management System (ISO14001) certification
January 24th, 2003
Hirokute recycling center begins operations
February 2003
Pipe lining method started
September 6th, 2003
Seto branch open
December 1st, 2003
Hamamatsu branch open
Year 2004
Number of employees reached 700
October 1st, 2004
Mr. Masakazu Mochihara appointed Chairman
Mr. Mikiya Mochihara appointed President
February 2005
Toyota east branch open
Year 2005
Number of employees reached 800
June 8th, 2005
Collection and transport of PCB started
April 2006
Facility management business started
October 2006
BDF production started
December 2006
Number of employees reached 900
April 2007
PRONTO (Cafe&Bar) Toyota open
August 2007
Number of employees reached 1000
June 2008
at AOTS Chubu Kenshu Center we acquire Quality Management System (ISO9001) certification
August 2008
PrivacyMark obtained
June 2009
PRONTO (Cafe&Bar) Gifu open

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